Pictorial Yants

Should I get a Pictorial Yant?


Pictorial Yant are essentially any Yant containing images of an icon such as a god or Himapant animal. Many people getting their first Sak Yant tattoo will receive the general protection spells or characters similar to those seen on Angelina Jolie. These are both beautiful and powerful in their own right. When looking for something more specific to their desires, Pictorial Yants can be used to call on the individual powers of a god or spiritual being.

Ra See Ta Fai - Pictorial Yant

Above is “Lersi Tafai (ฦา ษี ตาไฟ)” The Hermit – he grants luck in gaining success in your career and life. Many people receive his Sak Yant tattoo to help gain promotions at work and to encourage others to believe in their abilities.


Pictorial Yant, Yant Phra Rahu

Another interesting use, although somewhat darker are the Pictorial Yant of black and grey magic. Above is Yant Phra Rahu – he is the bringer of darkness and thought to be responsible for bad luck. Phra Rahu is usually seen swallowing a ball which is the sun and believed to be the cause of the solar eclipse. Many Thai people fear him for the dark power he holds. There are two ways to approach this type of idol. One is to pray to his adversary Hanuman in hope of protection. The other is to worship him and give offerings in hope that he will not bring bad luck into your life. This type of Sak Yant tattoo is in his honor, wanting him to keep him pleased with you as to not encourage his wrath. It is a popular Sak Yant tattoo among underworld figures although many good people will receive them also.

While Pictorial Yant are eye catching, and may be the perfect choice for you, it is important to discuss their meaning before receiving one. Due to their specific nature an understanding of what magic they bring is necessary, and they are not to be taken lightly.

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