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Why should I choose Lanna Sakyant for my Sak Yant tattoo?

We at Lanna Sakyant have searched for many months before finding what we believe is the most authentic Sak Yant experience in Northern Thailand. The Sak Yant master has dedicated his life to his beliefs and while very traditional he is also very approachable, accommodating of foreigners and welcomes everyone to his temple.

Non-traditional Sak Yant tattoos can be done at any tattoo shop in the world. However, when not performed in the traditional manner, with an experienced master, the magical rites and blessings are not bestowed on the receiver, thereby negating the whole reason behind a traditional Sak Yant tattoo. Shop based tattooists also charge a premium rate as their work is purely a commercial enterprise.

What is the process for receiving my Sak Yant tattoo?

At the agreed time, our guide will collect you from the pre-arranged meeting point and you will be taken on a scenic trip out to the temple of the Sak Yant Master.

Opportunities for stops to take photographs along the way are best left until the return drive to ensure arrival at the temple is not delayed.

A modest dress code is observed at all Thai Buddhist Temples with women requested to wear garments that are below the knee in length and have the chest, back and shoulders covered. It is appreciated if men wear t-shirts rather than tank tops/singlets.

As a sign of respect you should always keep a small distance between yourself and monks to ensure their personal space is maintained. You should also be seated at a lower level. You will observe when a Thai person approaches a monk they are always bowed. It is also respectful to not stand over them when you are close, you will notice at temples a monks seating position is raised above that of the worshipers. Followers often get onto their knees when approaching an area to pray. This is not always required as there is a certain understanding that outsiders do not know all of the rules and most monks are very accepting of different people and their ways.

The Sak Yant master is given an offering, which will be supplied by Lanna Sakyant as part of the experience (there are certain items required for the ritual)  and passed on upon arrival to the individual receiving the Sak Yant tattoo.

The Sak Yant tattoo receiver will have their consultation with the master, using our guide to translate, and upon deciding what image will be used the ritual will begin. The monk will chant softly at certain points to ensure the correct rites are followed but questions may be asked at any time and there is no need to remain silent as the tattoo proceeds. The guide will inform the receiver of any actions needed to be taken on their part during this very simple but special time.

Upon completion of the tattoo a final spell will be cast and several prayers made by the master to seal the magic within the Sak Yant tattoo. When this is complete, the receiver will then make their donation to the monk (minimum 1000thb). Please be mindful that monks are not allowed to receive money for financial gain, and all donations received go directly towards the upkeep of the temple, education of the monks and for basic necessities.

Can I choose my own image?

Yes, to an extent. All Sak Yant masters have a catalog of their various images which they have drawn themselves. It is possible to choose any image from his collection, however, be aware each image has it’s own meaning. For example, if you wish to be lucky in love and choose the image of a cat which is representative of a successful business, the Sak Yant master will advise you accordingly. Once you have settled on your image, the Yant that are added are based on your conversation via our interpreter with what the master believes will benefit the receiver most effectively.

As all images have different meanings, it is most wise to choose the image that represents your wishes moreso than the one with the most aesthetic appeal.

Can anyone get a Sak Yant?

Yes, within reason. Lanna Sakyant offers the rare opportunity for women to receive Sak Yant tattoos from a real Sak Yant tattoo master. We do not use an Ajarn or Tattooist, but a real monk! Women are not allowed to be tattooed within the temple grounds as this is in violation of the monks beliefs. For this reason we have a nearby blessed room (and you are free to wander around the temple afterwards for a photo or two.) Receivers must also be over 18 years of age.

How much will the Sak Yant tattoo cost?

The costs are, for a standard sized Sak Yant of up to 4″x4″ (10cmx10cm) – (not including temple donation):

  • 1 person – 2,500THB (+1000THB temple donation)
  • 2 people – 4,000THB (+1000THB temple donation)
  • 3+ people – costs to be confirmed via email to

At the time of this writing 1USD = approximately 30THB

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