Popular Sak Yant Tattoos

What are the most popular Sak Yant Tattoo Types?

Most genuine Sak Yant Tattoo’s performed by a Sak Yant master are different in some way, with every spell and combination of characters and symbols being individualized for the receiver to suit their needs and wishes. With this being the case, there are still several types of yant’s which are most commonly used as they have the broadest powers to best serve the bearer of the Sak Yant Tattoo.

Here we will briefly go over the types of Sak Yant most often used.


Gao Yord Lanna Sak Yant

Gao Yord Sak Yant Tattoo

Gao Yord

Yant Gao Yord is most probably the most widely used Sak Yant Tattoo and is very popular with those new to Sak Yant and is usually placed on the back, just below the neck. Gao meaning ‘9’ and Yord meaning ‘Spire’ or ‘Peak’ represents 9 spires of blessings. The number 9 is considered lucky in Buddhism and each spire or peak is a Unalome symbol. Unalome’s are a depiction of the chaos of life (the spiral or jagged lines at the bottom) which becomes straighter and more focused as one becomes more enlightened on their path and no longer strays back and forth from distractions. Beneath the Unalome are symbols that create the power of the Yant, the 9 magical blessings. The purpose is to grant good luck and protection from danger. There are many variations of Gao Yord, below is an example of Yant Gao Yord Tap Yai meaning ‘9 Spires Big Army’ – a more powerful version as it has many more peaks to it, in the past reserved for people in positions of power. Note beneath the zigzagged Unalome symbols are the images of Buddha (Ong Phra) shown as small ovals making the magic even stronger. The symbols of Buddha are commonly used in this type of Sak Yant.


Gao Yord Tap Yai Lanna Sakyant

Yant Gao Yord Tap Yai

Ha Taew

Yant Ha Taew – ‘Ha’ meaning ‘5’ and ‘Taew’ meaning ‘row’ has been made hugely popular by actress Angelina Jolie who has her Sak Yant Tattoo displayed prominently on her shoulder. They are suitable for anyone but have become very desirable Women’s Sak Yant Tattoo’s as they are attractive to the eye and usually nicely placed on the shoulder blade. The characters in each row spell out magical chants each with a different purpose, they are to be repeated over and over by the Sak Yant holder until reaching a zenlike state where the magic can take effect.


Yant Ha Taew Sak Yant Tattoo

Yant Ha Taew

  • The first line has the dual purpose of helping fate swing in your favor (e.g. during legal issues you may be facing) and also to protect ones home from evil spirits.
  • The second line promotes good karma and prevents bad things that may be coming in the future.
  • The third line protects the holder from dark magic and those who may wish bad luck upon you.
  • The fourth line is for luck and good fortune in any future endeavors you may undertake.
  • The fifth line increases the power of attraction from the opposite sex or whoever the holder may desire. 

Bare in mind each spell is customized for each receiver so meanings may vary between tattoos. Finishing the Sak Yant are Unalomes at the top and bottom of each row.

Paed Tidt

Yant Paed Tidt the 8 Directional or 8 Pointed Yant is a first Sak Yant Tattoo choice for many people. With it’s striking appearance and universally appreciated blessings, it is a perfect fit for most individuals exploring the world of Sak Yant.

Variously described as pointing to the 8 points of the compass or in all directions of the universe, it is said to draw in luck and protection from all sides. Many use it as a magical boost for travelling as it will keep them safe and help ensure good fortune where ever they may go, although it is just as useful and relevant for those staying put – who couldn’t do with a little extra luck in their life?


Yant Paed Tidt Lanna Sakyant

Yant Paed Tidt with Lanna Characters


The 8 spells are again customized by the master who performs the Sak Yant ritual for each receiver with each ending in a Unalome. There is a huge variety of different techniques when it comes to Yant Paed Tidt, some purely with the Yantra spells themselves and others with the image of Buddha marking each point.


Yant Paed Tidt Buddha Lanna Sak Yant

Yant Paed Tidt with Ong Phra

Almost always placed on the back, and usually centered, Paed Tidt is a wonderful choice of Sak Yant tattoo for anyone both for the magic it holds and it’s aesthetic appeal.


Yant Paed Tidt in Red Lanna Sakyant

Yant Paed Tidt in Red


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All Sak Yant Tattoos in this blog were performed by the Lanna Sakyant master, too see more of his work check out our gallery: Lanna Sakyant Gallery