Lanna Sakyant Information


At Lanna Sakyant we offer an authentic Sak Yant experience. We give the opportunity to receive a Sak Yant tattoo from a highly respected monk with 12 years of experience at a beautiful temple that is well off the tourist trail and unspoiled by throngs of travelers looking for photo opportunities.

He is well regarded throughout Asia and has devoted followers from as far away as Taiwan travel to receive his tattoos. Only recently has he become aware that foreigners outside of Asia are learning the power and majesty of Sak Yant and believes that this is a good sign of respect for the art and to ensure the Buddhist beliefs are being carried on into the future.

After travelling extensively throughout the Lanna region we are confident we have found the place for one of the most positive and authentic Sak Yant tattoo experiences possible in the North of Thailand. The Sak Yant master we have formed a relationship with is true to his ideals and lives a humble and modest life, devoted to serving his temple and Buddhism as a whole. Many Thai people upon first meeting him remark on the sense of calm his presence brings and peaceful manner he has.

We choose not to disclose his identity and location of his temple here primarily to ensure correct protocols are followed and respect given. The Sak Yant master and temple we provide access to is a rarity to find in this day and age, thus we believe it must be protected as the treasure that it truly is.


Q&A WIth The Sak Yant Master

How long have you been a member of the monkhood?

I was a ‘Nen’ or ‘Nain’ (this is the term used for apprentices younger than 20 years old who have not yet been ordained to a higher order) since I was 12 years old and have been a monk for almost 5 years.

How long have you been performing Sak Yant?

I began practising and learning the art at the age of 12 and have been performing full Sak Yant for the years I have been an ordained monk.

Where did you learn the art of Sak Yant?

I have studied throughout Northern Thailand’s cities (Chiang Mai, Lampang, Lamphun) while also learning from the Thai Yai and Shaan Hilltribes. I have spent time in Myanmar (Burma) learning other aspects of the ceremony.

Can you perform Sak Yant on women?

Yes. Although I am not alllowed physical (skin) contact with females, I believe everyone should be able to enjoy the blessings bestowed from Sak Yant as many of my followers are women. I take proper precautions to ensure my beliefs are upheld (e.g. wear gloves, all skin covered aside from where the Sak Yant is being placed, etc.)

Are you able to use an electric tattoo gun?

I can in some cases for example when a large full back Sak Yant is being created but prefer the Khem Sak as it is much more painless and I am much more experienced in the traditional method. The Khem Sak is especially good for people who have a fear of needles.


Lanna Sakyant Temple