Northern Thailand’s authentic Sak Yant experience

ThE mystical art of the sak yant tattoo hAs been around for thousands of years.
NOW BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ARE ABLE TO share in this revered buddhist experience in Chiang Mai, and receive a spiritual blessED TATTOO from a lifetime sak yant master

Lanna Sakyant Collage


Your authentic experience begins with a scenic trip to the Sak Yant masters secluded temple, where you will discuss your life and aspirations before together deciding on the perfect tattoo to reflect your spiritual self.

Included with your booking:

  • Pickup and dropoff from your accommodation
  • Tour guide to assist you on your journey and translate your wishes to the Sak Yant master
  • Temple offering of the items needed for the monk to perform the ritual
  • Aftercare ointment to properly protect and heal your new tattoo



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